Worried About Rodents Invading Your Home?

Worried About Rodents Invading Your Home?

Arrange for rodent removal services in the Staten Island, NY area

If you see evidence of mice or rats on your property, contact Chelsea Pest Control right away. Our rodent exterminator will get rid of uninvited guests in your home or workplace. We'll inspect your property for rodents and determine the best way to exterminate or remove them.

Don't let rats or mice take over your home. Contact us when you need rodent removal services in Staten Island, NY or surroundings.

You can count on the Chelsea Pest Control pros for:

  • Rodent removal, extermination and trapping
  • Rodent proofing of homes
  • Elimination of access points by sealing holes and entryways
  • Rodent violation removals

We'll set up traps on your property to catch all types of rodents. Call 347-777-8106 today to get in touch with a reliable rodent exterminator. We're standing by to help you with your rodent problem.