Termite and Wood Destroying Insects

Are Termites Eating Away at Your Home?

Are Termites Eating Away at Your Home?

Schedule termite inspection services in Staten Island, NY or surrounding areas

Termites can be a huge problem for home and business owners. If you suspect wood destroying insects are present on your property, you'll need to call on a reliable exterminator. Luckily, Chelsea Pest Control offers termite inspection and spraying services in the Staten Island, NY area. Our team will get rid of the termites eating away at your home's support systems.

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If you have a termite or other wood destroying insect problem, you may notice:

  • Holes in your drywall
  • Damaged wood that's starting to crumble
  • Discarded wing piles and droppings that look like salt and pepper
  • Mud tubes covering portions of your home

Contact us today to schedule termite spraying services, and put that problem behind you.